Meet: Critical Hits

meet-criticalhitsOn Saturday, August 13th, we’ll be at Labyrinth Games & Puzzles in Washington, DC. The Critical Hits crew will be on hand to game and geek out.

Critical Hits is the Journal of Gamer Culture, covering everything of importance to role playing (and other) gamers everywhere. New updates come every weekday and primarily cover rpgs, but also board games, video games, comic books, movies, Science Fiction & Fantasy novels, and more.

Critical Hits is also a member of the Gamerati network of websites.

Confirmed Critical Hits Staff:
Dave ‘TheGame’ Chalker is a lifelong gamer, freelance game designer, Master of Arts, and son of Jack L. Chalker. Dave is the Editor-in-Chief of Critical Hits and so runs the place. (Visit Dave’s blog or follow him on Twitter).

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